Avoid Court

In a Collaborative process of divorcing, all decisions are made by
you and your divorcing spouse without court involvement. You are not
dependent on Court schedules. You are not subject to a Judge making decisions
for you and your family. In a courtroom, your voice is only heard through your
Attorney presenting ‘arguments’ to the Judge. Courtrooms are for adversarial,
positional battles. We have all known someone who has shared their litigated
divorce war stories. Instead, Collaborative process allows flexibility, problem
solving solutions, having your voice and interests be heard. We provide a “safe
container” so that you can arrive at these decisions together.
At the conclusion of the Collaborative process, your attorneys will file court
documents to finalize your divorce. The decisions arrived at are made by you and
your divorcing spouse together. You are in control of these decisions, not a

Karen Ela Kenny, MSW, LICSW is a Collaborative Divorce Coach and Facilitator. She has helped dozens of couples in NH and MA achieve a Collaborative Divorce since 2010. She also has a private practice where she has seen couples, families and individuals since 1982. It is this very work that has inspired her to become involved in helping couples divorce in a healthier way.