What is a collaborative divorce?

Collaborative process of divorce is a voluntary, alternative dispute resolution in which couples resolve their divorce without resorting to litigation. It is a cost-effective, problem solving approach that can minimize the negative impacts of divorcing on couples, children and families. You will have the benefit of legal, financial and co-parenting advice to help make decisions that will impact you for years to come.

What we do



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Brian, father to 11 year old

“The parenting plan consultation was the most helpful part of the process. It was the most emotional part of the process and the consultation helped to place things in perspective on the parenting plan.”

Steve, father to 4 year old

“Thank you Karen for all your help through this process. You made a horrible situation and time much easier to digest and and work through. To say I am beyond grateful is an understatement.”

Rhonda, 2nd divorce (first was litigated)

“Don’t hesitate to do this – the focus on obtaining a divorce without all the insane drama of court involvement is far healthier for everyone involved. When you walk out of the last meeting, you KNOW what your future looks like. Far, far less angst and anxiety – respect is encouraged at all times and it feels ‘safe”

About Karen

Karen Ela Kenny, MSW, LICSW is a Collaborative Divorce Coach and Facilitator. She has helped dozens of couples in NH and MA achieve a Collaborative Divorce since 2010. She also has a private practice where she has seen couples, families and individuals since 1982. It is this very work that has inspired her to become involved in helping couples divorce in a healthier way.
“Divorcing is a sad and difficult time. It is a life crisis to be supported as a family re structures physically, financially and emotionally. Decisions need to be made during this time of heightened emotions. I will help couples work together respectfully and thoughtfully to make decisions that will impact them, and their children, in the future. I have seen so often the negative impacts of the litigation process. I work with attorneys committed to apply a different approach to resolving divorce without resorting to court, without battling the other attorney, and with compassion for this time in your lives.